Our wonderful gym members are the reason why we're in business today!
Here are some of the great things they've had to say about us, your friendly, neighbourhood gym since 1996.
At Florida Fitness Aylmer, we'll make sure you feel welcomed no matter where you're at in your fitness journey!
  I have worked out in several different gyms and none of them can hold a candle to Florida Fitness in Aylmer. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable, there is a great selection of equipment for all uses, the facilities are kept very clean, the rates are reasonable and the members are friendly and helpful. You never have to look very far if you need a spot, there's always someone there to help.
Russ Brooks,
  Since joining Florida Fitness Aylmer in April 2002, it has been a life changing experience. With the program I was given by Ken, the owner and professional trainer of the gym, I have been able to get back into shape. I have had great results in a short time. The staff have always been friendly and professional and were always there to answer my questions and concerns. Since becoming a member I have never felt better and believe this will be a way of life for me.
Paul Parizeau,
  As a woman in my forties, I want a gym that's safe and comfortable - where I can work out regularly at my own pace. Florida Fitness Aylmer has been my first choice for years.
Michele Sabad,
  The staff at Florida Fitness Aylmer are extremely helpful with any questions you have, the atmosphere is the friendliest of all the other gyms around, it's like being out with your friends.
Debbie Ruel,