About Us

Welcome to Florida Fitness Aylmer!

WE UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF CHOOSING THE RIGHT FITNESS CENTER TO HELP YOU REACH YOUR FITNESS GOALS. WE also KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF, LIKE STARTING AN EXERCISE PROGRAM AND STICKING WITH IT! THAT'S WHY here,  AT FLORIDA FITNESS AYLMER, OUR STAFF IS committed TO HELPING YOU reach your goals! so let us assist you because what we want is for  you to  feel great both inside and out, we want you to feel energized about health and fitness and we want you to feel confident while at it!

The Florida Fitness Aylmer Philosophy.

At Florida Fitness Aylmer, our goal is simple and that is to give you the tools and guidance needed to get in the best shape of your life! In addition, we provide the best equipment and a motivated staff to keep you focused and on track.

At Florida Fitness Aylmer, we offer a wide range of exercise programs, activities, and support to help you accomplish your goals. We can accommodate the person that has never worked out a day in their life, to the avid exercise enthusiast.

Our Facilities.

Florida Fitness Aylmer is a 10 000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to providing the highest level of quality in a health and fitness program. By utilizing the latest information, programs and equipment, Florida Fitness Aylmer guarantees results for everybody.

Our great environment.

We work hard to offer our members a great, comfortable training environment while also ensuring that we bring forward an uplifting community type atmosphere to our health club.

Who we are.

Florida Fitness Aylmer is owned and operated by Ken Clement, here's ken's bio in his own words.

"I have been passionate about health and fitness since a young age. I remember flipping through magazines wanting to learn all about the newest trends and latest workouts. I even went as far as building my own equipment in my teens. This interest and passion would later shape the rest of my life.

I have owned and operated my gym, Florida Fitness Aylmer, since 1996. I teach group cycling and instruct XFIT classes (my gym’s brand of cross-training). I give one on one training and provide a roadmap to my members on their path to health and wellness. Fitness is important in both body and mind. Strength is not only physical but mental too. If I can influence or motivate one person to take a healthier path, that provides me with the greatest feeling of reward.

I have been active in the fitness industry for the past 35 years and have managed over 60 fitness competitions. I have also competed several times myself.  I have also volunteered at local elite and pro bike races in the city.

I enjoy bodybuilding and am an avid cyclist. I have raced road and mountain bikes in my time and generally love being outdoors – whether that’s hiking, going for walks with my wife and dogs, or just sitting by the waterside to enjoy some peace and calm."